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merely talk

rantings and ravings with little cohesion and plenty of pretension




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Crafty the second

I am so making this.

I think it's absolutely beautiful. But to go with my decor, I might take a more red approach to it. And put it in my room, screw any nursery for my nonexistent child.

I am also going to make this.

I find it very aesthetically pleasing. And I have all these funky black and white photos of old industrial buildings. Last time I was in Seattle Matthew took me to this park called GasWorks park. It had the best views of downtown Seattle and had all these old gas structures, so old pipes and wheels and oil containers. I went crazy with the arty black and white photo's, especially since my future mother-in-law called while we were there and he left me to my own devices for about 20 minutes. I started experimenting with angles and shadows and perspective and I'm quite pleased with the results. I've been looking for a creative way to display them, and this just may work.



So I'm finally moving into an apartment in Victoria next week. So stoked. Pender Island is lovely, but I am ready to be in a city again. My apartment is small, but cute and bright. The neighbours seem very cool and friendly, and there are many dogs for the Finnister to hang with. I will however be internetless in the new place. It's too small to fit my huge, dying, desktop in, and too much of a hassle to get the internet installed. I'm hoping after a few months of working I'll be able to afford a nice laptop, and then get myself equipped with wireless (oh what a dream that would be!). But for the foreseeable future, the only internet I will be accessing will be at the library or when I come to my parents place.

So in preparation I've been visiting a variety of crafty sites to get some projects lined up. So far I'm going to make awesome marble magnets, knitted slippers, re-cover some of my chairs (in prep for buying some vintage-y ones for my one-day house) and some fabric wall art (to decorate the new place). Perhaps I'll finally get around to that t-shirt rug I've been thinking about doing for ages too.

It should be fun. I love when I rediscover my inner crafter!

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Hours of my life...gone

A so called friend tipped me on this horrible firefox application, called stumbleupon. Basically you feed this website a list of your interests, and then with a push of a button it takes you to websites you might find interesting. I've now found crafts I want to make, recipes for good food, book recommendations, games, weird videos, cook pictures, cool pictures of books, shopping websites, etc. It's HORRIBLE. How is one suppose to get anything else done?


Damn my genes!

I hate dieting.

I hate it. And I hate that I'm not, nor have I ever been, one of these people who can eat how they want to, when they want to. I started putting on weight when I was 5. At that point I hadn't started to eat more than either my siblings, nor was I inactive (I was a competitive swimmer until I was 12, rode my bike everywhere, and ran around like all other kids). But it didn't matter. I hate that I didn't get the grace period that other people got in their youths to eat sweets, and fatty things, and for it not to matter. It has always mattered for me. Always. And it always will. I will always have to watch what I eat. I can't eat things other people take for granted. I've had to cut out all butter. If I actually eat toast, it will be dry. Cheese is a treat. Forget about drinking any alcohol. None of these are realistic for me to eat and maintain a "healthy" body weight. Which sucks. I mean the weight I want to be at is at the top side of the BMI "normal" range. So any deviance from it and I become overweight. I'm not one of those people who can stop paying attention and lose weight. That isn't my lot.

I sort of knew I was putting on weight. Wii fit made sure to confirm it and I know how it happened. I was happy and in love and I stopped paying attention, and now I have job interviews lined up, and my business clothes from last winter do not fit. I have a friends wedding in three weeks, and I may have to let out my bridesmaids dress. My jeans have been getting tighter. I started favouring wearing dresses with empire waists, since they are ever so forgiving.

I mean it also helps that since I've been at my parents house I've been eating lovely full home cooked meals every night, and I've been baking cookies, and since I'm not biking or walking to work at the moment, the only exercise I get is taking Finn for walks 6-10 times a day. Which may sound like a lot, but really isn't.

So annoying.

So today was day one of my return to following the weight watchers diet. And it went well. I'm not hungry, per say, just not feeling the fullness I'm used to, since the only grains I had today , was at breakfast (sorry Canada's food guide, if I follow you I get fat). A girl can live off of vegetables and protein, with a little bit of nonfat dairy, right?


I think I'll be a little temperamental for the next little while. Best stay out of my way.


Love songs for the guy I love

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